It’s symbolic, there’s a change in the air and it can be felt. You no longer hold the same mentality as you did an entire year prior. Focusing on quantity doesn’t feel appealing anymore. Instead, you focus on quality. It’s about the deepness of a situation, not the length of it. LA artist Atlee most certainly grasps after this change on his new EP 22. 22 years of age on Feb. 22, it’s moving.

LA artist Atlee releases new '22' EP on his 22nd birthday, on Feb. 22

“Last go round, I think I was still in a transitional phase in my life. I feel like I was still shifting from boy to man & dealing with the growing pains that comes from that,” Atlee said. “Whereas now, mentally I’m in a different place. I approach things a lot differently. I credit having such an amazing support system around me, helping guide me and sharing insightful wisdom I can forever use. With that said, I think my growth as a man is something that can be heard in the music.”

LA artist Atlee releases new '22' EP on his 22nd birthday, on Feb. 22

As he moves differently and his thoughts shift, so does his focus.

“By continuing to challenge myself. It’s so easy to get distracted, trust me I know. But that’s where self-discipline and things like that come into play. I have a line in “Becoming” where I say, “I done came a long way from a long ways to go.” That really just speaks on how I’ve checked off certain things from my list of goals. Ultimately, I want it all. And I know the only way to accomplish those things is by staying focused.”

The project is six-tracks deep. It’s been eight months since his last release. Enjoy his progressive sound below.

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