PREMIERE: JoFred of Chinza Fly brings in Meltycanon and Ishmael Raps for "Ring Ring" JoFred is strongly slanging his creativity out of Chicago. Through multiple releases throughout the year, it’s all in preparation for his new project titled Tulpa. Despite the many releases JoFred has put out towards the end of last year going in on this year, none will appear on this forthcoming project. However, two new singles will, and we’re introducing your ears to the second single.

“RING RING” brings in an addictive hook and melody that’s hard to deny. The single features Ishmael Raps for some rhymes and Meltycanon for production.

“I heard of Meltycanon through Father’s track “Heartthrob” and listened to his track “Budew” from his “Soft and Wet” album so I just emailed him about it on working on it and he really liked my music.I have him on one more track on TULPA.  Ishmael Raps is a really good personal friend of mine that I met through Rob Lyrical, my group mate from CHINZA//FLY.  When he comes to Chicago its all love and when I go to NYC its vice versa.  Hes the only feature on my tape and we’ve always clicked well and make great records together.”


JoFred has been sitting on this single for quite some time and it’s finally time for him to unleash it.

This follows up the release of his single “Just Like Me.”

Check out the single below and let us know what you think.