Before I heard any music, before I knew what he looked like, before I knew anything about him as an artist, I knew that XXXTENTACION assaulted his pregnant girlfriend. Google his name and damn near every picture is a mugshot, so much so that most articles about him, including this one, use it as a featured image. Much like Kodak Black, his fame has (relatively) exploded while he remains behind bars, with one of his tracks, “Look At Me“, recently making it onto the Hot 100, albeit at 95. I hadn’t heard any of his music until last week, and I was thrown off by his nasally voice and the sub-par quality of production. But I’m not here to shit on him as a bad rapper, I’m here to shit on him as a bad person.

I’ll be completely honest and open in saying that I know next to nothing about XXX other than what I’ve stated above. If anybody wants to come at me using my ignorance as a weapon, so be it. But when you know an artist beats women before you experience his art, it’s hard to reverse that train of thought. I don’t need to know his background or come-up story to “understand him, man”. And yes, there have been rappers before him that have done the same, and there will be rappers after him who do the same. Yet something to me seems inexcusable about the one on hand. Other rappers have also served time during their come-up, and there’s a struggle nearly everytime in which fans have to decide what they deem as acceptable before continuuing to support an artist. Craig Jenkins of New York Magazine said it best in a tweet when describing his inability to support XXX.

Beating your pregnant girlfriend is, to me, one of the most vile things a human being can do. There’s no justifiable reason to do such a thing, and it would be my hope that anyone who does it spends a very long time in prison. Of course, XXX is not guilty until proven so, and he claims that there is no evidence against him, so we’ll see where that takes him. But seeing the #FreeXXX trend makes my stomach turn. Such blind discipleship to a mere artist frightens and baffles me. With his name now in the headlines for dissing Drake, everyone seems to be talking about the incarcerated XXX, and I for one can’t wait to never see another post about him. If he is guilty, I hope he goes away for a very long time and is washed away from hip-hop history.

I really don’t even know why I’m writing this, other than I needed to vent my frustration. I don’t even really have a point to make. From what I’ve already said, there’s so many counterpoints somebody could make (Chris Brown is a big one), but I just needed to get this off my chest. I feel that music publications don’t want to come out against him so that they can use him later for views, but I won’t stand for that, and I don’t care to call him out. Hypebeasts are so excited to jump on new waves that they’re willing to overlook how bad the music really is and how bad the person really is. I just hope that one day people will open their eyes and realize sometimes there’s just not enough reason to be a fan anymore. Call me a hater, I sure am one.

By the way, here’s a picture of his victim. #KeepXXX