Poetic in every sense of the word, is Tyson Amir—Bay Area artist who’s diction within the realms of poetry will leave you craving more. I know I craved more after watching the video for “Between Huey and Malcolm.” It’s a educated timeline that is produced in a way that keeps the listener/viewer’s attention. He plants himself on the curb with a less-than appealing background. The background of plain sight and the cars passing by give way to the poem he’s reciting. Spoken word is more than beautiful. Hand movements are essential in the video, as he paints a visual picture as he speaks his words.

Bay Area musician and activist Tyson Amir releases video for "Between Huey and Malcolm"

Them government issued bullets travel faster than light travels from the sun to our planet… That third rock from the sun, nah, they trying to have me Malcolm in the middle, I’m Malcolm in the window.

Such anger and aggression can be felt in Tyson’s words. Anger, but not in a bad way that deters you from continuing on with the video, but the type of anger that helps you understand the roots of African Americans—from Huey to the Malcolm era.

Malcolm is an educator, community organizer, freedom fighter, author, musician, and more. He simply wants peace for all and you can hear these messages arrive in his art form. Out of everything that Tyson has accomplished, his most prestige milestone is his debut book titled “Black_Boys_Poems_.” The book is a revolutionized body of material that arrives well within the African-American community. The book tells tales of struggle, wisdom, social issues, and more. His mother and father were Black Panthers, so you can see where his drive is coming from. Everything that has manifested into his life was from the makings of his younger days; instilled in him early.

Bay Area musician and activist Tyson Amir releases video for "Between Huey and Malcolm"

There will be a video for each and every poem that is featured in the book. “Between Huey and Malcolm” is just one of the many that will be coming our way. Until those do hit us, check out “Between Huey and Malcolm” below.