When I first read that Drake aspires to be like Michael Jackson, I knew there would be some sort of misconception—people and naysayers would shout and tweet “you’ll never be that Drake.” But then optimism swooped underneath my pen—who wouldn’t want to aim to be that great? I mean, isn’t the entire point of Drake doing what he does is to be one of the greatest to ever do it? If not, then that would be a head scratcher. Knowing Drake, he aims his sights well past the reaches of Hip-Hop and almost anything else to be quite frank. During his interview with DJ Semtex in the UK, Drake spoke on his music output and how there’s no real box you can put him in. He also speaks on his demographic and what he can be considered, in terms of race.

I love the rap world, I love the rap community, but you’re right, I write Pop songs for a reason, I wanna be like Michael Jackson, I wanna be like like artists I looked up to.

Aim high Drizzy, as you should. I took notice to how he didn’t say “better than.” I also took into account his crossover success that we’ve noticed for quite some time but he feels as though doesn’t get the proper respect. Anomaly. Drake is fond of all his hits, but he wants credit where it’s due. “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance” do not cater to the need of Hip-Hop, but the success of the two records cannot be denied in any way possible.

Just like I can’t figure out why “One Dance” wasn’t nominated [at an award show], maybe because they can’t… I mean, well it’s just there’s pop obligations that they have and I fluked out, I fluked out and got one of the biggest songs of the year that is a pop song and I’m proud of that, you know.

MJ is indeed the King of Pop and Drake aspires to reach such magnitude. However, there’s a sense that he’s finding it hard to do so when people place him certain boxes. Whether it’s a genre, race, etc; that’s what happens when you don’t remain within a certain system. The quote “stand for something or fall for anything” is usually not applied in this sense, but it can work. Drake represents a lot of different people, he’s for the people and a man of the people. With that happening, he falls into any category and he’s not going to be fond of it one hundred percent of the time.

I feel almost alienated or you’re tryna purposely alienate me by making me win rap awards, or either just pacify me by handing me something, putting me in that category, cos it’s the only place you can figure out where to put me.

With such an “eclectic make up”and background, it doesn’t make it necessarily difficult for Drake to reach heights of MJ, anything is possible. However, when it comes to winning prestigious awards, he may find troubled waters. Tread with caution Drizzy.