Looking at the track-list and production on Future’s self-titled album, I was more than excited. One of my favorite Future projects is Monster, which hosts production from 808 Mafia, Southside, TM88, Metro Boomin, DJ Spinz, Nard & B, amongst many others. For Future’s latest album, I hear much of the same, which got me excited, but is there too much? I just want to get these thoughts out to you guys really quick.

I viewed the track-list a few days ago via HotNewHipHop. Rose Lilah (Editor) wrote as follows:

 In the vein of DS2, Future’s self-titled album contains a very uniform sound (haters will say it all sounds the same, beware)

I agree with what she is saying about the “uniform” sound, but I don’t agree with the hating part—I am a huge Future fan but I didn’t sense growth in this project; then again, this is that Pluto talk. I think much of this album does sound alike and I can do without a lot of these tracks. 17 tracks? In 2017, that’s an awful lot. Not to mention the attention span that surfaces these days. After track 10, I become exhausted and hope for a change in sound or something with more substance, but it never came for me.

Majority of the production is taken over by Southside and 808 Mafia, which are my favorite producers coming out of Atlanta. I have my favorite tracks in “POA,” “DRACO,” and some others, but nothing truly stood out for me. It’s evident that Future didn’t aim for any radio hits, which is fine. To some degree, I question whether this should have been a mixtape rather an album. I hold that debate for next week, just wait for it.

Future did state that he’s been away from social media for a while and wanted to put his energy into the music, so that likely influenced the amount of tracks we have.

That “uniform” sound seemed to be a bit much and a more narrowed-down track-list may have done this album more justice.

So now I add more weight to my original question: are there too many tracks on this album or is there not enough variety and substance on this album? Personally, I think it’s both, but let’s talk about this and let me know what you guys think.