Elliott Wilson will go down as one of the greatest to ever have a touch and say-so in Hip-Hop journalism. His charisma, focus and dedication has led him through quite the journey. From XXL to Rap Radar, this guy moves with force. The industry is in his lap and there’s no stopping his train as we track his location.

Looks like he’ll be adding more locations to his endeavored map. Today (Feb. 16), Elliott announced that he is officially the Editorial Director at TIDAL—for Culture & Content and Hip-Hop.

Vice President of TIDAL Tony Gervino says Elliott’s addition to the team is a “huge win for TIDAL.” YN, it continues to unfold for the man who has damn-near 100 jobs. His wife Danyel Smith is always in his corner to congratulate her husband on his successes.

It’s great that Elliott has obtained this position. What has me curious is what’s next for him? HA, too soon to call. Stay tuned.