Joey Bada$$ - Victory

We’ve been patiently waiting for Joey Bada$$’ new album for quite a while. 2016 saw him sticking it out in the studio, while 2017 already has him preparing to takeover. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, he released the cutting “Land of the Free“, a track inspired by the late civil rights icon. That song had quite a serious and thought-provoking tone, but today we get a taste of something a little more light with the new release of “Victory“.

Produced by Kirk Knight and Adam Pallin, “Victory” has the Pro Era Headmaster teaming up with the NBA’s Courtside Project and Mountain Dew. The Courtside Project is a new undertaking by the NBA that aims to highlight the cultural aspects that are inherent in basketball other than the sport itself. In addition to the song release, Joey will be performing during NBA All-Star Weekend and releasing a video that will showcase the Project’s efforts.Of the collaboration, he told Billboard, “It’s the fusion of several different worlds — from basketball to music, style and art — that are not all separate streams anymore, they are interconnected. I always want to encourage the youth to be themselves and pursue their dreams, whether those are hoop dreams, Grammy dreams or PhD dreams“.

Though it’s not expected that “Victory” will appear on his upcoming A.A.B.A. album, just knowing that it’s so close has our mouths watering for more. He predicted an early 2017 release, and based on his recent activity, he’s definitely gearing up for a grand rollout. For now, listen to “Victory” below and be sure to watch for Joey’s performance this weekend.