No greater feeling than when your favorite artist takes to social media to preview a new track — excitement fills your lungs but it doens’t fill your playlist. Instead, you’re left waiting for an indefinite amount of time. Who else hates this? I know I do, especially when I know the song is a hit and has the potential to be one of the artist’s best moves, audio wise.

Kodak Black is sitting on a nice track as you all may know, “Tunnel Vision.” The song is produced by Metro Boomin and Southside and is a sure-fire hit for the Florida native. Not all the pressure is from the song’s release, Kodak even has his little bop that he does to the beat. The crowd loves it when he performs it too.

All throughout Twitter, I can see people wishing Kodak would drop the track, but we don’t get it. Why do we not have the track yet? Well, timing is also everything. Instead, we did get new flames from A Boogie and Kodak, so that shall set us free with patience, for a little bit of time.

But seriously, stop playing Kodak. Stop the memes and drop this track.