UPDATE (2/15/2017): The tracklist for Future’s new album, set for release this Friday, has been revealed on iTunes.

1. Rent Money

2. Good Dope

3. Zoom

4. Draco

5. Super Trapper

6. POA

7. Mask Off

8. High Demand

9. Outta Time

10. Scrape

11. Im So Groovy

12. Might As Well

13. Poppin Tags

14. Massage In My Room

15. Flip

16. When I Was Broke

17. Feds Did a Sweep

Prod. by Metro, 808, Zay, Southside & more

17 brand new Future tracks? Oh man, we can hardly wait! Taking a look at the list of producers is giving me anxiety. Oh lord.

(2/14/2017): In 2017, NOBODY is safe, according to Future. It’s just DJ Esco, his music, and himself—against the world—delivering the heat that fans crave for. It was just talked about in a previous article of ours on how it’s time for Future to make his way back to the music scene. It looks like we’ll be getting the music sooner than expected.

This morning (Feb. 14), Future tweeted the link to his new forthcoming album, self-titled and it will host 17 tracks total. Overall, that’s a lot of tracks for an album nowadays, but apparently Future has enough material to do so. The shortest track on the album is 2:35 minutes.

Okay, so here’s what we may be able to expect so far on the album: OVO Radio premiered a handful of Future tracks in November, including: “I Ain’t Tryin,” “Poppin Tags,” and then another Rick Ross-assisted track followed in December, titled “That’s A Check.” Maybe, just maybe “Used to This” with Drake will appear on the album. If it doesn’t we can expect to hear that track on his collaborative project with Zaytoven.

Well, get ready. It’s going to be a Freebandz-type end of the winter.

Pre-order: iTunes