North Carolina's own KASH delivers new single/music video for "Feel Like"Breaking out of the North Carolina area is a difficult task, and at times, it may feel daunting. But if you truly want to achieve a dream, persistence is key. Making his way out of  Ayden, N.C. is KASH. He brings to us his new single, and it’s effectively building off what he’s put in motion already.

“I like listening to all genres of music. Good music is good music. I love making music. It’s a way to express myself. It’s like therapy. I feel like music puts everyone in a good place,” KASH says.

More important than anything, KASH sees music as his way out, mentally. He escapes within the music. Especially on tracks like “Feel Like,” where life takes a minor toll on him. Feeling lonely, mind clutter, and more, KASH is going through the motions of life. Luckily, his outlet is music. It’s important to have a well-liked outlet to escape to.

Back to the music….

KASH’s new single is relatable to anyone who has had a lot on their mind and can’t seem to get it together without that outlet. Creatively, it’s a great thought to have creativity be your outlet. I say that because then other people can admire your art. Pain can also be a positive thing.

For the music video, KASH remains in North Carolina, behind director Hood Crucial. Matching the tempo of the track, the music video is calm and laid back as well. The evening ran over calm and sun set just perfect to improve the quality of the music video.

There’s always going to be talk about the “golden era” and today’s music. Personally, I enjoy both. Arguably, KASH finds himself in between both generations and he’s making his march to stand out from the crowd.