Rae Srummurd are off having the time of their lives touring Europe this season, bringing their unique brand of turn-up to those across the pond. From surprise Drake appearances to performing live on Dutch radio stations, the Black Beatles are making the most of their time away from America.

It seems that a recent show in Prague felt special enough to them to play a new record produced by Mike WiLL Made-It that’s expected to appear on his upcoming Ransom 2. I can say that the song is a hit even before its released, considering it features Gucci Mane and Kendrick Lamar. Luckily for us, there’s a video of the performance that you can watch below.

The video doesn’t include Kendrick’s verse, but I can already imagine the type of flow he’d use over this banging beat. Pairing the Brothers Rae, Gucci, and King Kendrick on a song is something only Mike WiLL would try to pull off. It brings to mind “Buy the World“, a song from Ransom that brought together Kendrick, Future, and Lil Wayne and proves that despite his more conscious style, Kendrick can hold it down with any type of artist. He and Gucci have only appearead on one track before, “Vanity Slaves Part II“, a promotional single before K-Dot released Section.80 that sampled a Gucci track but had no original recording from the Trap God.

Considering this is only a preview, there’s no telling when the song will drop, but knowing of its mere existence is enough to make a rap fan drool. Kendrick Lamar on a track with a post-prison Gucci and the Party Hard Bros. should end up being one for the record books. Look out “Bad and Boujee“.