Orlando rapper Kese delivers visuals for "On Me"

Courtesy of Kese

It’s been in his system since he was seven years old—rap is not new to the Orlando native known as Kese. His natural ability to freestyle his verses gives him an advantage. So when you take that strength and put it up against his ability to formulate a complete track, then you have a beast.

Pushing the November 2016 release of his single “On Me” even further, Kese decides to match his efforts with new visuals. The video is doing exceptionally well, now grossing over 243,000 streams on Youtube. The production is handled quite nicely by Trauma Tone, adding to the definitive sound of the track.

For sure, Kese wants to keep building on top of his already booming popularity, but he knows there’s still work to be done. His EP will solidify a lot of what he has planned in April. On April 15 to be exact, that’s when we can expect more heat to come our way from this down south artist. In the meantime, check out his latest visuals of “On Me” below and let us know what you think.