Boris The Lucid has been in hibernation since his last beautiful project “LUCY”, but he has returned with a record so colorful and heartfelt you can’t help but love it. Emotions gives off a mix of feelings from love to confusion to jealousy. Boris opens up his soul and lets us in so we can see the pain and love that was brought upon him by a loved one. He’s exposing the problems and beauty within love, all while letting his significant other know that it’s all ok and that he understands her. The record is also featuring RexNendo who vents it all out with no remorse. RexNendo admits his wrongs on his strong verse and spills tremendous harmonics on the hook alongside Boris. They both rant on about how much they truly care for the one giving them these “Emotions” as the hook rolls. This alluring record will make you feel so much you can’t put words to explain it, so you just let it take you over with its enticing lyricism and melodies.