UPDATE (2/2/2017): Thanks to some snooping by DJBooth, it’s been confirmed that SZA will not be releasing her album tonight. The Billboard article that originally stated CTRL would be released on February 3rd was edited to say simply February, an update that received no editor’s note. Adding to the frustration is the fact that multiple media sites reported the wrongly-stated date, yet TDE or SZA did nothing to correct mistaken fans. At the very least, we will be getting her album at somepoint this month.

(2/2/2017): It’s been a long road for SZA. The TDE songstress has been patiently waiting to release her debut album, and after various pushbacks and delays, she took to Twitter to express disappointment with how the label has handled her music. She even went so far as to say she’d be retiring from music as soon as the project saw the light of day. However, it seems things cooled over, and we got the single “Drew Barrymore“. The Internet was ablaze for SZA Season, full of fans who have eagerly been waiting for the follow-up to 2014’s Z.

And then it happend: SZA confirmed that her album, CTRL, would be let loose on February 3rd. Holy hell, were we excited! In an interview with Billboard, she spoke about recording and how Rihanna and Rick Rubin aided in the process. Since the announcement, we’ve been counting down the days. But on the eve of the release, something seems off.

Is CTRL really coming out tomorrow?

The release date was announced just over a week ago, but since then there’s been complete radio silence from SZA, her team, and TDE. No tweets, no additional information, no track list, no announced features. Her most recent activity on Twitter has been retweeting news about new signee SiR. Top Dawg’s official Twitter account has spent the last few nights retweeting videos of Isaiah Rashad performances. No sign of SZA.

Considering how amped up the culture has been about the release, the lack of information prior has been noticed. The label usually makes use of their artist’s social media accounts as promotional tools. Each artist still has Ab-Soul’s D.W.T.W. album cover as their avi, which came out in early December. With that being said, we also haven’t even seen any album art for CTRL. It seems a bit fishy.

I’m hoping that there hasn’t been an additional delay to the album. If so, it would be a major disappointment to not only fans, but SZA herself. Hopefully TDE realized how much anticipation was surrounding the album and opted for minimal exposure. The lack of legit promotion would leave it being carried on hype alone, which may not be an issure at this point. Whatever it may be, I’m crossing my fingers that CTRL makes its way onto streaming services at midnight.