Chance the Rapper

At this point, I don’t even need to list off the achievements of Chance the Rapper. Everything the man does is a huge feat, and usually the “first time for an indie artist”. So much has happened since the start of 2016, and he’s leapt into his new role as a superstar with such grace and ease it’s unbelievable to think that not long ago he was still an up-and-comer. The blessings just keep on coming!

This year, he shows no signs of slowing down. After pushing the Grammy’s to allow free, streaming-only projects to be nominated, he ended up with seven nominations himself, including Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best New Artist. Yet another huge win for the Chicago spitter. On top of that, it’s now been announced that he will be taking the stage to perform during the ceremony. I’ll say it again: Chance the Rapper will be performing at the Grammy’s. Can we get an amen?

The Recording Academy released a new batch of performers earlier this morning that includes Sturgill Simpson, Gary Clark, Jr. and of course, Chano. After a series of tremendous late night television performances and announcing a quest to perform every song from Coloring Book on TV, it  seems he may just accomplish that task. Though it’s not been told what he will perform, we’re sure it will come with a grand vision and a spectacular show. I can already picture it: a chorus of men and women in robes lining the aisleways as Chance trots around on stage, lit by a million golden lights, dressed in his signature overalls and “3” hat. What a holy sight!

As big of a deal as it is for him to be nominated so many times, having the chance (lol) to perform on live television on music’s biggest night is an opportunity previously thought impossible for an indie artist. Just like everything he does, he’s breaking new ground not only for the genre, but for DIY artists across the country. As his trajectory continues to aim for the stars, there’s no telling where he’ll find himself next, gracing us with his artistic mindset, positive outlook, and captivating charisma. Congratulations Chance, you deserve it!