The closer to a destination I get, time has a way of pausing—becoming a yellow light. Once green, I now must yield. The last 30 minutes of work always turns out to be the longest stretch of time ever. “We’ll arrive at the destination in 15 minutes,” I would be told. However, that is not true. The anticipation of any situation can turn a short period of time into an extended period of time. Not only that, but it’s important to enjoy the ride on the way to the destination.


When J. Cole said “it’s funny how so close can seem so far,” the words hit me with an impactful blow. At the time, I felt he was close to achievements unlike any other. Goal-worthy anticipation was not yet in my system. I’m in a different place — filled with different space, and it’s bringing certain quotes, moments, and ardor back into my chest.

You know what? It is funny how the closer you get to achieving a goal or reaching a destination, that it then builds up to be further away; mirage in a sense. Being impatient takes over me often. Deliberately, I have to remember that my timing is not my own. I feel like I deserve what’s close now. Why not now?
I’m a firm believer in everything happening at the right time; divinity of timing if you will. There are goals that I strongly believe I will achieve, but it’s not my time, yet. This is where my faith kicks in, and it’s also when I keep acceleration and maintain a steady pace. There’s no need to rush the process. I must trust the process at this point. Like I mentioned before, it’s a practice. I consistently have to ensure myself of this timing. If I don’t, then I’m only hurting myself.

Times of wishing a situation a wasn’t the way it was can be looked at from an optimistic aspect. You can work on your evolution and development as a human being. Center yourself so you’re less likely to be knocked off balance. The next chapter in your life is not proven to be an easy road, but it can and will be the road that is better than the previous. We’re never as low as we truly think. Patience can be the backbone to your future, but it can also be the failing organ to your future. You decide.

The flux-like ways of the world, prove to us that there is no guarantee with anything here. Temporary. Here today, gone tomorrow; that’s just life. As quickly as issues can flow into our lives, they can flow out and be replaced with the moments we waited for. Being impatient doesn’t help matters any. It’s far more healthier to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Cheers to a fruitful beginning of enjoying the process before reaching your destination. Drive slow homie.