Yeezy Season 4

Yeezy Season 4 was what many would consider a near fashion disaster. And no, there weren’t any wardrobe malfunctions, but when models start fainting from heat exhaustion, you’re starting to look at a failure.

Many fashion outlets were quick to condemn Kanye West‘s new fashion show, which took place at New York City’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park amidst sweltering heat and direct sunlight. After reports surfaced of underpaid and mistreated models, he was accused of exploiting young industry women and the media that gruelingly sat through the trainwreck. Despite the initial criticisms surrounding the fashion show itself, there was little tangible blowback on Yeezy and he’s since continued in his endeavors.

After the “hot mess” that occured back in September, he is more than likely looking to redeem himself with the upcoming release of Yeezy Season 5. The new show will take place during New York Fashion Week on February 15th at Pier 59 Studios. It seems Kanye learned his lesson about the troubles of a high-end fashion show falling victim to the mercy of the weather, though this time around we’d more than likely see models shivering from the New York winter than sweating and dehydrated.

Hopefully this new show will live up to the previous standard set by Season 3, which took place at Madison Square Garden and was centered around Kanye premiering The Life of Pablo over the loudspeaker. Though it’s rumoured that he’s been working on a few secret projects since being released from the hospital, we’re doubtful that there will be any new music from West himself. However he may take the opportunity to showcase some other upcoming GOOD Music releases, possibly Cruel Winter.

Kanye has been flying under-the-radar for the last couple weeks, appearing in public much less than is usual for him and Kim Kardashian. Other than a few rumors surrounding his meeting with Donald Trump and his new recordings, he’s been relatively hidden from mass public view. It’ll be refreshing to see him take the stage with his new blond ‘do, especially if it includes some new tunes!