Paul White - Danny Brown

Danny Brown and Paul White have quite a unique chemistry. The rapper and producer have become linked due to their extended work together, after White worked on a bit of Brown’s Old album and most of Atrocity Exhibition. Carrying on their legacy of collaboration, they’ve recorded a four-track EP set to be released next week.

Though I would have thought they’d come up with a clever title involving their colorful last names, it will be called Accelerator and feature two new tracks with Danny and then the same tracks as instrumentals. Danny’s last effort, Atrocity Exhibition, was heiled as one of the best releases of 2016, so getting two brand new tracks is quite a treat so soon. On White’s BandCamp page, he describes the project as a “fuzzed-out psych monster that defies conventions about what rap music should sound like in 2017“. Sounds frighteningly progressive!

Accelerator will be released on February 10th so strap yourselves in and get ready for some great new tunes.