I said to myself, if I ever get a chance to create a track produced by 808 Mafia, I’d prefer it be accompanied with a 2 Chainz verse. A handful of other rappers, but I have a song landscape in mind. I’ve never rapped in my life, so let’s wrap that up. Dave East’s “Can’t Ignore” track featured 2 Chainz, and it was one of the best Two Chainz features I had ever heard.  Another favorite is his verse on Wale’s “Globetrotter” track. Always enthused to listen to a 2 Chainz feature, I was less than delighted to hear his verse on Migos’ “Deadz.” I felt bad and clueless.


Let's talk about 2 Chainz verse on "Deadz"

What looks better typed out, doesn’t come across the same way over the production; timing and flow just didn’t link well together.

I was almost deterred by the chorus. I could live without the repetition of “You n***as in trouble” on the bridge before the hook. The rest, was satisfying and got the job done. Quavo got the job done, as well as triplet flow showcase by Takeoff and Offset. But the middle verse occupied by 2 Chainz? Less than impressive. Chainz’ inclination seemed to almost be there but is wiped away by the full presentation—from the lyrics to the delivery—there held no true reason for Chainz to be on the song. Not to mention how short of a verse he had. By delivering a lackluster verse, it almost takes away from the integrity of the song.

2 Chainz’ turnaround time for giving back verses— displays his insane work ethic. I mean, this guy does do a lot of features, so maybe this might have been a part of the bad batches he did. It’s just hard to listen to his verse on “Deadz,” when I know what he’s capable of. You can almost hear .

All in all, this doesn’t change the way I feel about 2 Chainz and his guest verses. A bad verse was going to come sooner or later right? Just wish it didn’t happen on such a definitive album for Migos.