Now, I will not deny that Drake’s “biting” of other artists is getting out of hand, but it is important to realize where the biting came from originally. Another thing, it’s hard to consider it “biting” in hip-hop. Drake is at the top of his game and people would much rather him acknowledge where his influences come from. Sometimes though, we don’t hold other artists to this standard. Drake’s biting took wrongful turns during a situation with the Sauce Twinz (Sauce Walka mainly) of Houston, TX—this was a few years back and still pops up as an issue from time to time. Earlier today (Jan. 28), a video of Drake previewing new music from his upcoming More Life project surfaced.

The preview sounded like Drake comfortably and extensively digging into his flow he excelled in from “Hype,” just with a little flare to it; sounded a bit too much like XXXTENTACION “Look At Me!” single, which is produced by Rojas and Jimmy Duval.

XXXTENTACION is a South Florida native who’s “cult following” is hard to break. His movement is different and at times, comes with controversial turns. Over the course of three months, “Look At Me” has acquired over 2.2 million streams on Soundcloud, and only growing. The song is in the range of Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti—fun, yet aggressive beyond the surface. But there are specific Lil Uzi Vert songs that stick out when I hear “Look At Me.”

“Super Saiyan” and “All My Chains” from Uzi’s Luv Is Rage mixtape stick out to me the most. It’s classic Uzi. Catching Uzi say “yeah,” “um yeah,” or “aye” after completing a lyric, is the flow that Uzi has skated from, merging into new flows and new cadences.

Now, if we’re going to say that Drake bit XXXTENTACION, we have to recognize the songs that influenced Tenacion’s tracks. It’s only biting if you don’t pay homage or acknowledge the flow that helped canvas your vision. So is Drake a biter? Is he mindful? Be sure to comment on this article and let us know your thoughts on this situation.