Kendrick Lamar - Hold Court

Kendrick Lamar loves his Reeboks. After previously having worked with the footwear company on new designs for the Ventilators and the “Perfect Split”, he’s now lent his hand at recrafting their Club C sneakers.

The acid-washed denim sneakers are a new edition of a classic Reebok shoe, one that Kendrik hold in high esteem. With the shoes hitting shelves later this spring, Reebok has now released a four-part video series called “Hold Court” featuring Lamar. Directed by Nabil, the videos have Kendrick stooped in front of a grainy screen projection of the tennis courts of Compton High School,  speaking on the shoes, the value in them, the ethics of a champion, and more.

Kendrick shines as a spokesman for a shoe thats been around since 1985, and he brings with him a new sense of style and confidence that kids the world over can strive for. A new ad spot will be released on Monday that features more from the rapper and Nabil, so be sure to check back with BLUNTIQ for more then. For now, watch “Hold Court” below!