Much like you, the reader of this, my first listen of Migos began with “Versace” — a song that Drake gracefully ran bars through and helped repopularize a brand. That was was summer 2013. Since then, I’ve fully followed my intuition to become a writer — of the culture — and beyond that at times. My inbox for submissions have had more than its fair share of Migos flow-like tracks. The comparisons are hard to ignore. Many tracks sounded like a mashup of Migos’ “Versace” and Drake’s “Language.” Both presenting similar flows that felt became revived in 2013. Arguably, I can easily tie this flow (“triplet flow”) back to Three-Six Mafia, Project Pat, Lord Infamous, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Twista, etc. For now, I rest that case. But the trio did bring the sensation back to the flow—known as the “triplet flow” a.k.a. Migos flow.

“When we first came out with ‘Versace, people got it, but they didn’t get it all the way. They just thought: fashion.. But if you listen to it, we’re still talking about some stuff. The young generation know who we are. They already understood our lingo. The other crowd, they had to grow with us.” — Quavo during conversation with Fader.

Take a look at these numbers. The Migos’ pace was set early and their success on the charts came in chronologic order.

It wasn’t their time yet, but now the world recognizes — Migos in full

Their 2013 DJ Scream-hosted mixtape Y.R.N.(Young Rich N***as) hosted a sufficient amount of tracks that can go heads up with the Zaytoven-produced single “Versace.” The intro on Y.R.N. displays Takeoff’s unbelievable flow. The potential was strong, just not time yet. Quavo laced the hook for this track.

In 2014, the group released their mixtape No Label 2. At this point, the group’s popularity is rising, mixtapes and features are happening, and their in the game to prove their stay. With Takeoff on the hook, the group charted their most successful single up to that point in “Fight Night.” It was hard to walk into a club and not here this track. Actually, DJ’s still spin this track.

The average person (if I ask them) have not listened to Migos’ 3 Way EP, which I favor over any of their projects. Singles on the charts—those are played on the radio more, in the club more, possibly on TV, and they can also go viral in many other forms. So I never expected certain bangers from the Migos to catch fire.

“But we never got discouraged about any of the projects we put out because it was all a warm up. It was all leading to this,” Quavo continued in Fader interview.

He’s right. It was all a warm up, to get to Culture—the forthcoming sophomore album from the trio.

During the summer, DJ Drama did an interview with The Breakfast Club. He spoke about the influencers of Atlanta and you’ll never believe who’s names he left out. Yep, you guessed it: Quavo, Takeoff, Offset.

It wasn’t their time yet, but now the world recognizes — Migos in full

Now, it was time—time to show everyone the origin of the flow, cadence, and style; where it came from. Making their presence known strongly on their 3 Way EP, which released back in Spring of 2016.

Came in the game
Knock at the door
Nobody answered had to do a kick door
My niggas they on the same shit
Had to tell em’ what that bando was for
I know that we not from Atlanta nigga what you think them two fingers and thumb for – Takeoff “3 Way (Intro)”

The trio released song after song, mixtape after mixtape, video after video. Every step they have taken has led them to this moment here, CULTURE—following up on their debut album Yung Rich Nation. It wasn’t time for the world to understand Migos just yet. The world may not have jumped completely on songs like “Fight Night” or even on the dance move “Dab.” It took “Bad and Boujee” for the world to feel the pressure they have been applying for years—a song that Offset made in his basement.

All throughtout social media I see people comment on listeners who are just now catching on to Migos. Not everyone is going to understand a movement at once. Kendrick Lamar and Drake still have fans to gain. This is what makes the process all-the-more interesting.