Maxo Kream - Grannies

Maxo Kream is easily one of the most transparent young artists in the game right now. The Houston trap rapper has used his music to tell wild tales of his days, past and sometimes current, as a drug-dealing, gun-slinging hot boy. His latest single, “Grannie$” is no exception.

The story of the track starts with his parents kicking him out at 14-years-old, after which he went to live with his grandmother and Aunt Trish. He makes it clear that through all of the flexing and finessing, he’s always been holding it down for his family.

Of the track, Maxo told Complex, “I made this song so people could understand me. A lot of my fans are in the white hipster internet crowd. They like my music, but they don’t know why I say certain shit. They can’t relate to it. ‘Grannies’ describes a typical scene at my Grandma’s place which is where I lived after mom and dad kicked me out when I was 14 or 15 years old. Everything I said in that song, niggas know. Ain’t no secret, it’s real.

With growing hype surrounding his name after his recent Persona Tape, it only makes sense that Kream would want to set the record straight and let everybody know where he’s coming from. “Grannie$” is a perfect example of the type of sincerity we’ve come to expect from him. Give it a listen HERE and be on the lookout for more Maxo coming soon!