Gucci Mane

Seriously, does Gucci Mane ever sleep? He clearly had a lot of time to write while he was incarcerated, but man, oh man, is he pumping out some quantity. After releasing 10 projects in 2016 (Mamas Basement, C-Note vs. Gucci 2, Meal Ticket, Tru Colors, Everybody Looking, GucTiggy, Woptober, Free Bricks 2k16, 1017 vs. the World, and The Return of East Atlanta Santa), he’s starting 2017 with a whole new round of music.

Kicking off this year will be DropTopWizop, a project Guc is already claiming will be the “best of 2017”.

In saying that, does he mean the best of his own myriad of upcoming releases, or the best in general? Because really, the man could make a yearly Top 10 list with his own music at this rate.

But is all of his hard work really worth it?

The hype was huge for his first post-prison release Everybody Looking. The title fit perfectly, as everybody WAS watching to see what his first move would be, and it was a great one. Sober, skinny Gucci packed a punch, charting at Number 2 on the Billboard 200, his highest-ever chart appearance. Singles “All My Children” and “Back on Road” made their rounds on the airwaves, but didn’t make their way up the charts. The build-up for the album was great, but the fall came quickly. His next project, Woptober, was released just three months later, and only reached Number 43. Given, Woptober has been classified as a “mixtape”, but in today’s streaming age, there’s really not much of a difference between a mixtape and an album when they’re both available on Apple Music or Spotify.

After collab projects with Future and Lil Uzi Vert, Guwop was back to his solo self for The Return of East Atlanta Santa, released in mid-December. With added features from Drake, Travis Scott, and Bryson Tiller, it charted at Number 16, a bump up from Woptober, but still a sharp decline from Everybody Looking. Between all of these post-prison releases, only one single, “Both“, featuring Drake, was able to chart on the Hot 100, coming in at #41.

As much love as there is for Gucci, and as undeniable as his influence has been, his track record of releasing a project nearly every other month hasn’t done much to bolster him as the hitmaker we all know he’s capable of being. Such a high volume of outpouring music leaves fans unable to fully appreciate one project before the next one drops, and unfortunately there’s little of a lasting impression.

Yet, who’s to say DropTopWizop won’t be a hit right out of the gate. Gucci’s sober new outlook has him surprising us at every turn, and I don’t doubt him in the slightest. I just hope soon he realizes that sometimes a pump of the breaks can give anybody a great artistic breakthrough, whether it be a multi-millionaire rapper or a writer for a music blog. Gucci Mane refuses to ever quit on his fans that have stuck by him for so long, but a torrential flood does little to help a dehydration victim. They just drown in the overabundance.