PREMIERE: Chicago artist Silver releases first single from forthcoming project '

Cover shot: Jesse Wiles

Chicago artist Silver is in the midst of making his most prolific music. There’s a different approach and different feel. After a few life obstacles, music has served as the venting mechanism and also the platform he brings his talents to the table.

“I [chose this as the first single] because I feel like my last material has been very emotional in the sense that I was going through some things dealing with love and stuff. I started hating myself and kind of forgetting who I was and why I made music. My last stuff was very scrambled like my thoughts at the time and now I’m just trying to make this year more organized and focus on the things that matter most. Which is rapping my ass off and making great music. That’s why IAmTheEnemy will focus on bringing back bars and letting out my anger and depression and when “PaintYou” drops it’ll be more revolved around love and get a little more personal.”

“I got the title of the tape from my favorite movie “Almost Famous” I feel like his change (Patrick the main character) and the way his character grew in the movie is exactly how me and my music are growing right now. Me and Patrick are the same person. He’s just a music writer and I’m a music maker.”

Check out the single below, produced by oldbills and mixed by Asa Hatten.