A lot of people claim to be a lot of things, but Philly’s own OneTakeDave (OTD) believes in what he stands for. From college drop out to having a love/hate relationship with the internet, we get a real sense of who Dave is.

“Le intro is the opening to “Take Two: Lord Uno’s Reign” my newest project…its the second installment to the series I got going which is just a play off of my name…the first one consisted of good vibes and a lot of uptempo tracks, in comparison to this one where the theme might be a little darker which is where the Lord Uno’s Reign theme kicks in, that alter ego who gets a little more turnt than OneTake lol…
I would love for people to understand that I’m not here rapping just to get on and have singles or anything like that, although that’s love, I’m really a fan and an offspring of hiphop, my father are embedded into the Philly music scene that started to bring light to the city and I just wanna do my part to keep that going.
I’d love for people to connect and relate to certain situations I speak on because they’re coming from a real place I’m not just saying things that I think or cool or that I think they’ll like, everything I write down comes from a real place and that’s the most important thing to me in this game, your words….gotta use them wisely”