Kodak Black

With all of the Rapper Fight Clubs going on at the moment, it’s easy to forget who wants to smack down who. I myself am not that interested in any of the wannabe-MMA-rappers, but one that kind of struck a minor nerve was Kodak Black saying he’d beat the hell out of Lil Wayne. Since getting out of jail, the rapper has made headlines for pretty much everything except for rap (including his exposed penis). And now the post-prison story keeps on getting weirder.

Black appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning for an interview wearing a full black ski mask. On top of that, he acts incredibly stand-offish when Charlamagne Tha God poses simple questions, mumbling out answers. To finish it all of, Charlamagne read Psalm 142, to which Black simply responded “I’m Tupac resurrected”. Maybe it was awkward because Charlamagne had recently named Black the “Donkey of the Day”, but it was clearly very strange.

Hopefully soon Black can get the focus back onto his music. Watch the full interview below and let us know what you think!