The Weeknd - Party Monster

With Starboy still popular in just about everyone’s rotation, it seems The Weeknd has a lot of staying power with his new album. On top of the great new music, he’s released a number of striking visuals that aid in setting up his new image as an artist. The best of these, Mania, serves more as a short film than a music video, utilizing a handful of songs from the album to set up a dark narrative full of lust and bloodshed.

Despite the short film featuring “Party Monster“, the track now has it’s own stand-alone video, directed by BRTHR. Much like the other visual releases, “Party Monster” is full of exotic cars, religious and occult imagery, satanic, seductive girls, and that ever-present black panther. The manic paranoia present in the lyrics is represented by tripped-out, hazy neon lights and multicolored fire that frequently flashes across the screen and Abel’s face.

Much like the song itself, the video is an illustration of the bleakness that can come along with the party life. It serves as yet another great entry into The Weeknd’s catalog of visual artistry. Watch “Party Monster” below and let us know what you think!