Look, we’ve all been through it. Everybody has been in a relationship where you truly feel like you’re not doing enough.Sometimes, it’s due to the other person just expecting way too much from you, and other times, it’s just you getting in your own head. Then there’s the times when you really aren’t doing enough and your instincts — or your woman — are telling you the truth. Las Vegas torch bearer KiariTheStone captures this exact feeling with the track, “Smile“.

Produced by Ish Him$elf, Kiari subs out the aggressive rhyme patterns we’ve come to expect for melodies and introspective bars that may seem shallow on the outside, but with greater thought, make so much sense. “I’m such a stoner, I can’t quit smoking. And I don’t wanna, but I couldn’t even if I wanted. That shit that haunts me” flows Stone during the opening verse, setting the tone for what might be his most personal track yet. Though Kiari flexes his pen game — and surprising vocals — throughout the whole song, the track is definitely buoyed by New Orleans native Fendi $ean and his wildly on point live trumpet melody that plays throughout the hook.

Check out the compelling track below and be sure to keep an eye on the 702 native, who has been buzzing heavily throughout the west coast.