We all should’ve seen this maritime collaboration coming, as our favorite nautical-themed rapper Lil Yachty rocks the boat by being a creative designer for the apparel brand Nautica this year. Corresponding with the presentation of a music video for “Shoot Out the Roof”, another video was released on Yachty’s Instagram as a teaser for the upcoming design partnership before the official confirmation today. As a creative designer, Yachty will create his own limited-edition capsule collection set to include fleeces, crewnecks, polo shirts, and striped socks; all which truly embody boating culture.


Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Nautica has put their faith in the “One Night” trendsetter, since Yachty was the face of the brand’s capsule collection with retailer Urban Outfitter in 2016. A release date has yet to be determined but as a “calm before the storm”, Yachty will continue to star in campaigns for Nautica and you can check out Yachty’s favorites from the brand here, as we await the high tides.