photo: Tbrownmedia

The name occasionally crossed through my timeline, but I never paid it much attention. A fellow friend and I held a conversation about a new song he was preparing for release. I remember wiping off of my windshield and moving on to another task. It was not my time to take in what Bucky Malone had to offer.

Green light your way to the beginning of November (the 8th of Nov. to be specific), Maryland native Jay IDK tweeted “music video of the year, don’t @ me.” I checked it out, and I was greeted with Malone’s “Wi$hlist” visuals. Produced by Divine Council’s Icytwat, the pull came from the production and the overall bounce of the song. There wasn’t any gimmicks or force within the delivery. I sensed confidence, honesty and a good time happening.

On Jan. 1, Malone released ‘THE PINK ALBUM.’ Consisting of ten tracks, it’s his strongest body of work with little-to-no argument upon the opinion. But why the title? What draws him in to choosing that title for the project? Bucky explains to us:

The color pink represents many things. It represents romance, charm, & overall smoothness. I felt like this particular project had a different feel. There was a more calmer feel if anything. So it hit me, THE PINK ALBUM. Once I came up with it, I stuck with it. Plus, pink is one of my favorite colors.