Four-to-five days out of the week, I am greeted with the harsh reality that work is calling my presence. Ideas sprint through my head at alarming rates, but they must be written down and attended to later. By the time I am able to get to my ideas, I am terribly fatigued and my mind is deprived of the juice I held earlier.

It’s okay, because everything will come back in due time. In due time is correct, as I became engaged in conversation with Jeff Kush—West Chester, PA’s word carrier. Despite his five-day grind of a day job, he doesn’t let his dreams defer. Instead, he works until functioning no longer feels reasonable.

I work M-F doing telemarketing, which totally sucks but it’s the only job I’ve been able to keep. I work all day then grind out in my home studio until I can’t function. I gotta keep the bills paid but this music shit will be my only job, soon enough. The success from my music lately keeps me motivated enough to balance music and day jobs.

Fueled by his motivation, a cosign from R.A. the Rugged Man provided another push to Jeff’s work ethic. Cosigns act as a reassurance—that you are carrying through a sacred plan to succeed—then to have an idol validate your planning makes it better.  Within 24 hours, the post grossed over 40,000 views; all from his “Real Talk” music video.

RA is a legend to me in hip-hop. He gets better every year with flowing and having fun on beats. RA has been around for a long time and many people don’t know he used to rap with Biggie. He’s has basically rapped with all of my favorite emcees. The fact he stayed true to hip-hop for so long is inspiring. He has amazing flow, bars, concepts, work ethic that motivated me to stay true to HipHop. He is one of the only people who is comfortable enough with sharing his spot light. He put on Afro, which is amazing to see someone help a emcee get the support they deserve. God only knows how many messages he gets but he read mine and decided to support my music. The best thing about RA is he is himself over every song. That’s one big thing that  keeps me motivated to be who I am over beats. Its great to have a educated emcee whose been around for a long time still spitting flames. His dedication to dropping music, touring, taking care of his family is basically what I devote my life to doing.

Jeff’s regards to RA strikes me for more than appreciation. Do you know how it feels to have someone you’ve deemed as a legend appreciate your grind? The feeling will leave you overly ecstatic and rumbling with joy. Pushing his own envelope, Jeff releases a new song, post-RA shout out. Check it out below.