Milwaukee-bred artist JahkR finds release in 'Catharsis' albumGoing into my first listen of JahkR, I wasn’t sure what I would find. Before listening to an album, project, EP, etc, I view the track-list. JahkR’s track-list consist of nine tracks. Based on the name of these songs, I prepared myself for a listening session full of relevant content—sparked by catharsis thoughts.

The intro track strikes deep, hitting you through your spiritual and then exiting through your mind. Hopping into track two, I was greeted with much of the same, from a concept standpoint. It was then I was realized that this project is a instrumental-bound leap to cathartic living.

My music is unlike any other, just as I am. Now the world will hear a new way to listen.

Through his love of EDM, JahkR found his anomaly-rooted mind in comfort. The relief of all of life’s tribulations comes full circle in his music. Personally, I am not too much of a fan of EDM, but that’s due to the fact I could never find a way to connect to it. After listening to JahkR’s project, I sense more purpose within the sounds of EDM. Everything with a purpose is eventually felt by someone else. Being teased and being an outcast growing up, Jah didn’t let that deter him from moving forward with his art. He’s become emotionally invested in this form.

Seeing as though Jah ran track and field, the fast-paced beats of EDM helped him win a many of races. It also helped him escape a toxic environment. But now Jah creates his own enviroment and it lives within his music. The relief of it all.

Stream the album here