Load J. Cole’s intro to 2014 Forest Hills Drive into the que of songs. “Do you want to be happy?,” Jermaine questioned. The resolutions for 2017 are flooding the internet, with more optimistic thoughts about the year than there are pessimistic. Happiness is not an overnight happening. It’s a deliberate practice to understand how to obtain it daily. Also, people have different formalities as to how to go about being happy. Some people lift their spirits high, some people get high to attempt to lift their spirits, and others are caught somewhere in between both acts.

The selflessness of Kanye West continues to catch strides—with his efforts to improve mankind as a whole—he seeks continuation in an emotional struggle for many. Seeing as 2016 caught many of our favorite celebrities and artists in depressive state of minds, it’s not surprising to hear Kanye say  “I want everybody to be happy,” when TMZ asked him about his New Year’s resolution.

Whether your happiness comes from family, spiritual wellbeing, acts of kindness, relationships, financial comfort, etc, happiness is obtainable. But you must make it a deliberate habit to work towards it.