Beyond the exterior surface, you’ll discover new entities that you’d never expect. External boundaries separate themselves from internal levels—conflict shall not be risen between the two—instead, there’s a disconnect from what appears to be and what actually comes of thee.
I remember taking a trip to Virginia with my best friend in order to get my phone fixed. We trade new music through auxiliary religiously. This is how we help each other discover new music. He buried me in music from the DMV. None of it hit me and I was ready to just let the radio play Beyoncé again. “You heard this joint bro?,” he asked me as the beat for “Linebacker” came in. May 2016, I was introduced to Big Flock. Til this day, that is one of my favorite hooks of a song ever. Fast forward to the end of summer. By that time, I was a fan and wondering how I’d not been interested in your music prior to this year. “I have to interview him,” I thought in my head.

Externally, the internet made you to be this unapproachable being, somewhat of a bully. Genuinely speaking, you just straight up don’t take no shit. But this became what people ultimately thought about you as I watched your interviews. I saw two interviews where they asked you things of that nature. The Maryland rapper with the “crank,” they externally took away from your creative releases. That’s the external badness that comes with the industry. Who would break through to you internally? Well as much as possible. I had hoped to do so prior to the release of The Great Depression project. No doubt, you were becoming a star right before everyone’s eyes. Through trials and tribulations you were finding your way out. Me, I was trying to find a way in–into how you got to this point. So I did. During a private listening session for The Great Depression in October, we had a chance to talk. It was a week prior to you going away. I hate conducting interviews. I never have any questions ready to go. I prefer genuine and impulsive responses from the artists I am speaking with. Within a 30-minute frame, I learned so much about you. Things that hardly anyone ever knew about you.

For my article/interview on The Source, I titled it “Escaping Lucy” for a reason. Lucy/Lucifer has been on your back, he still is. However, he won’t conquer. You’ve found a number of ways to escape Lucifer, yet he still applies pressure to your external being. Internally, you’re unbreakable because of your messenger, Allah.
With such a big following now, people flock to you more now. You’re behind bars but your bars extend throughout the country. I’ve never seen an area hold down somebody the way they hold it down for you. Held down by the support, lifted up by the optimism of a brighter day. They say you got the youth, and the truth- is you do. The Great Depression. Truthfully what this feels like. Escaping from everything that has become but finding peace in everything that eventually will be. Over one million streams on your latest body of work. Hella impressive.

They squawk “free flock til’ he free.” They want you here to enjoy the success you’ve accumulated and then some. As for me, I want you to have peace of mind. Who am I to say you don’t have that already? I prefer Lucifer not flood your dreams nor reality. Talking to Lucifer almost resembles a fatality. Lacking normality, you’re a star. The moon has aligned you, showing you that the sky is not the limit. Because beyond limitations is more—if you’re patient. This is no race kids, this is a marathon. It was written for your story to continue. The external extremities shall meet with the internal being to seek peace. For now, I say bye and peace it out until they free you out.
Craig. The fan. Freedom, free-dem who possess the talent to change the lives around them.