Big Sean’s consistency of releases throughout the years have provided his fans with pleasure. In 2015 he dished off his Dark Sky Paradise album and 2016 brought us a collaborative effort with Jhene Aiko. Interest in Sean’s new music arrives from the knowledge, experiences, and visited places– since his last solo release.

Sean took to Twitter to announce his forthcoming album I Decided. Winter time is Sean’s time to shine. DSP came to us on Feb. 24, heating up the winter months. Although there have been singles issued out, the new single coming shortly (likely released by the time you read this) will offset the tone that we look to hear from the album. Aesthetically, the colors blended together on the artwork show as a ruddy-ruby mixed with different shades of blue. The cover is appeasing to the eye—laying the colors out as one flowing piece.

Will this be Sean’s best album to-date? Arguably, it’s hard to compete with Detroit. But that’s the problem, his old work often times gets compared to his new work, taking away the pleased listen that should be had. Then again, what artists doesn’t have that issue? Must be a tough fight competing with yourself, if you care enough. February is coming, I know you feel it. Until then, we’ll enjoy the single that Sean kicks out to us, like: “Bounce Back” and “Livin’ Single.”