I’ve circled back to J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only album multiple times. Roughly spinning through 45 minutes—it’s an easy listen with a story mapping its route— within a reasonable amount of time. Due to Cole’s custom of releasing music, I am not surprised to see each and every song on the album touch the Billboard. When he releases music, it’s arguably our only chance of getting music from him. We have time in between his body of works.

Ten songs make up 4 Your Eyez Only’s track-list. There’s no skits and no features. It’s Cole’s chance to be double-plat status again, with no features. Not only do all ten tracks make the Hot 100, they do so by staying within the top 40 mark. “Everybody Dies” and “False Prophets” also find their way onto the chart. “Everybody Dies” is new on the charts.

7. Deja Vu

11. Immortal

13. Neighbors

21. Change

22. She’s Mine Pt. 1

23. For Whom The Bell Tolls

24. Ville Mentality

29. 4 Your Eyez Only

30. Foldin Clothes

34. She’s Mine Pt. 2


54. False Prophets

57. Everybody Dies