Mac Miller

Mac Miller‘s The Divine Feminine was quite an impressive project that saw the MC turning his eyes to the concept of love. While he’s said it was largely based on a general love of life and the world, it also probably helped that he’s been in a relationship with pop princess Ariana Grande. The two crafted a smooth, jazzy duet together titled “My Favorite Part“, and now that track gets an artsy visual to go along with it.

Pairing the two as mere neighbors, Mac sings to the wall that separates the two real-life lovers as Ariana looks on longingly. As they both become drenched in water, the building sexual chemistry is tangible until Mac finally goes to knock on her door. Even though there’s little real interaction between their characters, it’s pretty obvious these two artists are quite into each other, and “My Favorite Part” is a testament to that. Watch below and let us know what you think!