Big Sean - Bounce Back

Big Sean is known to make big hits, and his recent single “Bounce Back” has been no exception. The song, which was released on October 31st, has created much anticipation for his upcoming fourth studio album, the follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed Dark Sky Paradise. Continuing the roll out, today we get an eye-popping video for the track, directed by Kid Studio.

The visual features Sean rapping in a fluorsecently lit desert with flashing images of Jesus, a wolf, inverted cities, a super moon, and more, all adding to the trippy aesthetic. Even without the catchy song, the visuals alone make for an interesting watch.

With no official title or release date, the upcoming album is certainly one that will kick start the new year in rap. For now, we can enjoy the video for “Bounce Back” and hope Big Sean has something great in store for us. Watch below!