2016 served as a developmental and personal year for JoFred, a member of Chinza Fly. It’s been over a year since the release of his Tulpa project, so to hear him back on audio, is wonderful (to say the least).

“[2016 was] more of a self development/definitive year as to how I want my sound to be,” Chicago native JoFred explained. Like I had to remake the project three times and now that everything for me is where I want it to be, I feel like 2016 was my Jay Z recluse year — to just come out of nowhere and kill s**t.”

He does so by releasing his new track “Cat Rider” – a freestyle over the Electronic Swedish band, Little Dragon. Between the production and lyrics, the coordination meshes nicely. More is to come from JoFred. For now, enjoy “Cat Rider.”